29 April
Providing services for tourists and visitors of the national park

The state institution «State national natural park Burabay» informs that the provision of places for the organization of leisure facilities and services for vacationers and visitors to the national...

29 April
Vegetation cover of the resort

The vegetation of the resort is closely related to the landscape features of the Kokshetau upland. Its elevated position and strong intersections, a slightly higher amount of precipitation compared...

28 April

The features of the geological and tectonic structure of the region are clearly reflected in the modern relief. There are three characteristic types of terrain in the district: low-mountain,...

27 April
Geological structure

The modern geomorphological appearance of the Burabay tract area was acquired because of a long history of terrain development, closely related to its geological history.After the Hercynian...

24 April
Surface and underground water

The describing territory characterized by the presence of a large number of lakes and a weak development of the river network.The main water reserves are located in the snow cover. Spring flooding...

23 April

There is a narrow isthmus between Ainakol and Auliekol lakes, which is a continuation of the Kokshetau massif. Temirtau rocks rise 175m, Bolektau is 146 meters above the level of lake Auliekol.At...

23 April
The Museum under the open sky «Botai-Burabay»

The open-air Museum «Botai-Burabay» is a tourist architectural and cultural ensemble of the settlement of the Botai epoch. The complex consists of seven dwellings made in the form of a Tumar...

22 April
Khan's pass

As we have noted, the Kokshetau mountain range consists of Southern and Northern ridges, which joined in the middle part by a characteristic lowered in relief - the Khan’s pass. The depression is a...

21 April
Abylay Khan’s red tree

According to oral folk sources, near Kokshetau there were two squares associated with the name of Abylay: "Large and small glade". Therefore, there is reason to assume that the main square of...

20 April
Kokshetau (Blue Mountain)

The Kokshetau Mountains form a small ridge with a length of 35 kilometers, convex to the West. The southern wing of the road approaches the city of Shchuchinsk, the Northern is stops at the lake...

17 April
The coast of lake Shortankol (Shchuchye)

By surface area, the Lake Shortankol is in third place among the lakes of Burabay resort area (after Ainakol and Shubarkol). The lake stretches from Northwest to Southeast. Its Southwestern shore...

16 April
Surroundings of the lake Auliekol

The depth of the lake Auliekol is distribute unevenly: the Northern part is the deepest: the Southwestern and Western parts are shallow for a considerable distance, overgrown with reeds and other...

15 April
Therapeutic factors Shchuchinsk-Burabay resort zone

Burabay has been known as a resort since the second half of the XIX century.The first therapeutic factor, according to the definition of doctor of medical Sciences N.A. Beklemishev, is the beauty...

14 April
The coast of lake Ainakol

Lake Ainakol is the largest of the Burabay group of lakes. Its Northern and Western banks are sloping, gradually turning into hills covered with grassy steppe vegetation. The southern shore is a...

13 April
Nastasya’s mountain

Sary-Arqa reveres the names of its favorites. One of them is Baluan Sholak (Nurmagambet Baimurzin). Even during his lifetime, legends were made about him. He was a man richly endowed by nature. Few...

10 April
Mystery Tasqamal

If you leave Shchuchinsk city and go to the sanatorium "Okzhetpes", then climb a small hill. Going up the path, you will come up against the wall of stone. This is Tasqamal - "stone fortress".It is...

07 April
Majestic Okzhetpes

In English translation - "the arrow will not reach". 300 meters from the glade of Abylay Khan to the North-East near the North-Western shore of lake Burabay is located this legendary cliff...

06 April
Rock Zhumbaktas

The rock Zhumbaktas is located in the ecological zone of the state national nature park "Burabay", about 4 km from the village of Burabay, in the middle of the Blue Bay. The rock Zhumbaktas is a...

03 April
The glade of Abylay Khan, the throne of Abylay Khan

In the Eastern part of the mountain Kokshetau, there is a glade of Abylay Khan. It is notable for the fact that the air temperature on it is 2-3 degrees higher than in the rest of the resort area....

02 April
Burabay is a wonderful land

Burabay is a wonderful land, a magical oasis in the middle of the Kazakh steppe. Burabay attracts visitors with its pristine nature, crystal air, transparent lakes, mysterious mountain peaks and...

29 July

On July 29, 2023, one of the brightest sporting events of the year took place in Burabai-the amateur swim challenge PikeMan.

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Kenesary Khan’s cave

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