22 April
22th april - International Mother Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, friends!Every year, on April 22, a global holiday is celebrated — International Mother Earth Day.The main purpose of this world holiday is to draw the attention of society and...

21 April
Enjoy the unique nature!

How much we all want to escape from the high-rise buildings, escape from the dusty city and disappear into the beautiful world of nature. Each of us in our hearts dreams of spending our weekends on...

19 April
Amusement park and Ferris wheel!

Friends, we are in a hurry to please you🤩The family amusement park has resumed work at the Burabay resort. It will currently operate on weekends.We remind you that the "Ferris Wheel" also works on...

15 April
Argali-mouflon was born in the zoo corner of the Burabay resort🐐

April 13, 2021, was a special date for us.In the zoo corner of the Burabay resort, an Argali-mouflon was born 🐐The mother of our baby is from the Almaty Zoo, the father is from the Karaganda...

13 April
The purest coniferous air!

Another reason to visit the Burabay resort✅Who remembers the last time he breathed in the smell of fresh pine needles? Large megacities can not boast of an abundance of coniferous trees – the...

09 April
20 reasons to visit Burabay!

Burabay is the most popular resort in our country, which you definitely need to visit at least once in your life to feel its magical atmosphere, enjoy its incredible beauty and unforgettable...

30 March
Fly Arystan launches direct flights from Almaty to Kokshetau

🌲Getting to the Burabay resort from Almaty is now very simple✅Fly Arystan flights have already been launched. ➡️ ️You need to take a ticket to Kokshetau. ➡️The flight time is 1 hour and 55 minutes....

22 March
Happy Nauryz holiday!

Dear friends, we congratulate you on the wonderful holiday of spring and rebirth!The bright spring holiday of Nauryz came to us from the depths of centuries. In the East, it was not only a symbol...

13 March

One of the biggest mysteries for archaeologists is the origin of the Tasqamal. This is what the locals call a man-made wall made of stone blocks in Burabay.Official science studiously ignores the...

08 March
Happy International Women's Day!

Dear ladies!We congratulate you on the most delicate, feminine, and beautiful holiday of the year from March 8!We wish you all the best: good health, prosperity, home comfort, success in business,...

01 March
Observation platform in the glade of Abylay Khan.

The path to the right begins from the Abylay Khan's stele. It is located on the saddle of the Kokshetau mountain range, which separates the main Kokshetau ridge from the rock Three Sisters, at an...

25 February
Only mountains can be better than mountains.

"There are places where you always feel calm and relaxed, where all the problems are forgotten, all the negativity, bad thoughts are dissolved. For me, these are our mountains, regardless of the...

15 February
Lake Big Chebache

🌊The largest of all the lakes of SBLS ( Shuchinsk-Burabay lake system) by area and depth.✅The northern, most part of the lake, is subject to frequent and strong winds. Due to frequent storms, the...

09 February

We provide you with the top 5 hotels in Burabay that offer SPA services.🧖One massage session is able to tone the body and give cheerfulness to the spirit. In winter, you also want to swim in the...

08 February
February 8 is the day of winter fishing!

🦈Every year, February 8 is the day of winter fishing.Congratulations to all those involved in this type of fishing 🎣In the resort of Burabay, winter fishing is a fairly common form of leisure....

04 February
Entertainment park "BurabayLand" was visited by young guests from the boarding school "Zhuldyz"

Every new year for children is a magical fairy tale. A time when dreams come true and miracles happen.This joy is annually given to children by "Burabay Damu" LLP as part of a charity...

01 February
Convenient offers from hotels in the Burabay resort.

🔊FEBRUARY PROMOTIONS🔊 🍃 Burabay Resort➖ Hotel "Green Wich Borovoe" - 15% for 1-2 days, 25% for 2 or more days @borovoe.greenwhich_tourist➖ Hotel "Rixos Borovoe" - Previously booked from 46.750...

25 January
Winter walk in the "AQBURA" resort

Friends have a nice day! 😉Today we want to tell you more about the new resort AQBURA.Surely you know that the under-construction resort already has a lot of interesting objects. At the moment, the...

18 January
Burabay resort is open for visiting!

Dear friends, Burabay resort is open to the public and is waiting for guests ✅.You can come at any time and have a great weekend or vacation.Only obey the decision of the chief state sanitary...

15 January
In near future at the Burabay resort...

🏛So the construction of the first, and newest Multimedia interactive complex at the Burabay resort has been completed☝ Why the first you ask?☝ This is because we created an object that has no...

28 September

A 201-year-old pine tree in the Glade of Abylai Khan!

27 September

Dear friends, we congratulate you on the Day of Tourism!

12 August

Friends SNNP Burabay, today celebrates its 21st anniversary! ⠀

05 August

Health resorts of the Shchuchinsk-Borovskaya resort area

25 July

6 large lakes of the Burabay region

11 July

Flight of the Samruk Bird

06 July

Happy Capital Day!

22 June

Botay-Burabay open-air ethnographic museum.

18 June

The-app "Burabay resort".

15 June