16 December

Dear friends, we congratulate you on the main state holiday of the Republic of Kazakhstan!On this significant day, we wish you a peaceful sky over your head, prosperity and stability! ⠀May peace,...

15 December
"Burabay Damu" LLP launched the project "New year's express to Santa"

In honor of the most magical holiday, "Burabay Damu" LLP, together with "Coca Cola" and "NC KTZ" JSC, launched the project "New year's express to Santa".Now the fairy tale will become a reality and...

14 December
The “Ferris wheel” will be opening in the Burabay resort!

Good news, friends!We inform you that the opening of the “Ferris wheel” with a height of 42 meters will take place in the Burabay resort.Another tourist location will delight residents and guests...

09 December
Flight of the "Samruk" bird in the glade of Abylay Khan.

Dear friends, we continue to introduce you to the new “Multimedia interactive complex” in the Burabay resort, which will soon open.Today we will tell you about one of the attractions - the flight...

02 December
The "Multimedia interactive complex" is being prepared for opening in the resort of Burabay!

New "Multimedia interactive complex" is being built in the resort of Burabay", which currently has no analogues in Kazakhstan. The complex will combine a multimedia museum and virtual reality (VR)...

30 November
The installation "Batyrlar" appeared in the glade of Abylay Khan.

Without the past, there is no future. Of course, this installation is a new way to get acquainted with the historical and cultural identity of our people and is a modern approach to the performance...

19 November
The app "Burabay resort"!

Friends, if you are going to Burabay, you definitely need to download the most important app of Burabay resort!✅ «Burabay resort»This is a real find for every vacationer. All relevant information...

06 November
Young talents in the Visit-center

Yesterday in the Visit-center was visited by the students of the Higher Technical College in the Schuchinsk.As part of the subject of Plein Air, students drew animals of the Burabay resort in the...

04 November
Attention! The season of migration of wild animals has begun.

To the attention of residents and guests on the territory Burabay resort.During the autumn-winter period of time, wild animals such as roe deer, deer, wild boar, elk begin to migrate, wild animals...

20 October
The observation platform has been completed in the Burabay resort!

The platform is located on the saddle of the Kokshetau mountain range from the Three sisters rock, at an altitude of 150 meters. The way is through the "Devil’s rink". The observation deck...

07 October
Gifts of nature in the Burabay resort!

Hippophae is a small shrub or tree with small bluish leaves. The plant is covered with spines, and during fruiting, all branches are covered with orange berries. They tightly cling to the branches,...

27 September
September 27 is a world tourism day!

Dear friends, we congratulate you on the day of tourism!We wish that your eyes always reflect bright impressions, new adventures and unforgettable emotions that will give you still unexplored...

25 September
Golden autumn in the Burabay resort!

Autumn is the most mysterious time of the year, especially in the Burabay resort. It creeps up quietly and unnoticed. Autumn wind blows and a slight coolness envelops the earth, and September...

21 September
Circle of cut logs in the shape of the Sun at the "AQBURA" resort!

The sun is one of the symbols of power. In most cultures, this is the main symbol of creative energy. The sun is often perceived as the supreme deity himself, or as the embodiment of his...

13 September
Tour of the AQBURA resort!

Welcome, friends!There is a daily sightseeing tour of the amazingly beautiful AQBURA resort.After visiting the tour, you will walk along beautiful pedestrian paths, see unusual art compositions...

12 September
Observation tower has opened at the "AQBURA" resort!

For seeing the Burabay mountains from a different angle through binoculars, it is enough to climb the grandiose structure is a 15-meter high observation tower.From here you can enjoy a magnificent...

01 September
Congratulations on the knowledge Day and the beginning of a new school year!

𝟏 September – a holiday is it's close to everyone. For schoolchildren and students, it is filled with expectations of interesting discoveries and impressions, meetings with friends and favorite...

30 August
Happy Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

Dear friends, we sincerely congratulate you on the Constitution Day!Let our main values – Independence, Unity and Stability grow stronger from year to year. Health to you and your loved ones, peace...

23 August
New bike path in Burabay resort

As part of the infrastructure development of the Burabay resort area, walking bicycle and pedestrian paths were built. New bike path in Burabay resort it is 32 km away. It starts from the Rixsos...

21 August
Bench "Boat" at the resort "AQBURA"

Here is an original bench in the shape of a boat at the resort "AQBURA". Masters put it under a birch tree, because in the summer heat you want to hide in the shade. You can also sit, play board...

09 April

20 reasons to visit Burabay!

30 March

Fly Arystan launches direct flights from Almaty to Kokshetau

22 March

Happy Nauryz holiday!

13 March


08 March

Happy International Women's Day!

01 March

Observation platform in the glade of Abylay Khan.

25 February

Only mountains can be better than mountains.

15 February

Lake Big Chebache

09 February


08 February

February 8 is the day of winter fishing!