01 April
Antler treatment in Burabay

Antler baths, tinctures, inhalations, nebulizer thermal boxes, applications, anti-aging masks, SPA procedures based on a biologically active product are included in the list of services of the...

30 March
How is the development of tourism going in the Burabay resort?

The unique picturesque nature of the Burabay resort attracts more and more tourists every year.The tourist cluster includes about 200 tourism enterprises, 100 monuments of cultural and historical...

30 March
Introduction of quarantine measures in Aqmola region

In the Aqmola region, the quarantine regime will be introduce from March 31 at 19:00.In connection with the introduction of quarantine restrictive measures, the Akim of Aqmola region Yermek...

26 March
Burabay is one of the five best and most popular resorts in the CIS

Analytical Agency “TurStat” has compiled a rating of the best and most popular resorts in the CIS for recreation in the summer of 2019. The most popular resorts in the CIS countries are resorts in...

22 March

The tourist company of the Burabay resort - "Burabay Damu" cordially congratulates everyone on the holiday that comes with spring, warmed by warmth and hope, marked by the desire for good and...

21 March

In connection with the introduction of a state of emergency on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the tourist company of the Burabay resort – "Burabay Damu" has taken the following...

20 March
The Burabay resort is disinfected

For the prevention and non-proliferation of coronavirus COVID-19, in the village of Burabay is treated with disinfectants in places of mass congestion at bus stops, markets and shopping centers....

16 March
What changes the introduction of a state of emergency in the country in the work of the tourist company of the Burabay resort?

In connection with the announcement by the world health organization of the new COVID-19 coronavirus as a pandemic, a state of emergency has been imposed for the period from March 16 to April 15,...

12 March

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic around the world, Kazakhstan is taking unprecedented measures to ensure the safety of people. The tourist operator of the Burabay resort – «Burabay...

29 February
Burabay hosted a ski festival «BURABAY WINTERFEST 2020»

The entertainment park «BurabayLand» hosted the «Burabay WinterFest 2020» ski festival. The sports event was organized by the company Burabay Damu together with the sports portal «Ski Shchuchinsk»....

28 February
Объявление для любителей рыболовства!

Внимание, уважаемые любители рыболовства! Согласно приказа директора ГНПП «Бурабай» № 70 от 27 февраля 2020 года, в виду быстрого таяния ледового покрытия на водоемах ГНПП «Бурабай», и...

27 February
Лыжный марафон 2020

Не смотря на погоду, 27 февраля на территории санатория «Алмаз» прошел ежегодный «Лыжный марафон 2020» организованной туристским информационным центром Акмолинской области.В результате...

27 February
Charity event «Do good!»

On February 25, the LLP «Burabay Damu» held a charity event «Do good!» in the family amusement Park «BurabayLand». As part of the campaign, children with disabilities were invited to...

25 February
«Here I abstract myself from the problems and daily fuss»: Kazakh woman on vacation in Burabay

Kristina Bubenko from Kazakhstan shared her advice on how to enjoy the natural beauty and therapeutic microclimate of Burabay at any cost. «We can talk a lot about the advantages and features...

21 February
Scouts at the Burabay resort

14 scouts from the UK attended the annual "Snow Camp 2020" event at the Burabay resort. This event is held in order to promote the Burabay resort and develop domestic tourism among foreigners. The...

17 February
Plans for the development of the Burabay resort akim of Aqmola region Ermek Marzhikpayev shared at the reporting meeting with the population.

The geography of Aqmola region is represented by amazing by its beauty landscapes. The Governor of Aqmola region informed about the current development of this industry in the region at the...

14 February
Meeting for the day of withdrawal of soldiers from Afghanistan

On February 14, a solemn meeting dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet soldiers from the Republic of Afghanistan was held in Okzhetpes. The house of culture together with...

30 January
Aquapark in the Burabay resort

Construction of the first indoor aqua park in Aqmola region has begun on the territory of the Discovery-Borovoe health and entertainment center.The area of the water park will be 2500 m2, with a...

28 January
About cancellation of registration of temporarily arrived foreigners

On December 30, 2019, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan...

24 January
Meeting with tourist objects

On January 28, 2020, in the conference hall of the hotel «Konfor Burabay», a meeting will be held with representatives of tourist sites in the Shchuchinsk-Burabay resort area to explain new changes...

07 April

Employees of «Burabay Damu» LLP took part in the seminar.

01 April

During the winter season, more than 19 thousand people visited the tourist facilities of Burabai Damu LLP of the UDP RK.

22 March

How was Nauryz in Burabay?!

20 March

The train in the national style "Nauryz" will connect the capital with the Shchuchinsko-Borovoye resort area

17 March

Go to Nauryz in Burabay and win a valuable prize!

10 March

The Burabai Damu excursions inspired the participants of the World Championship.

08 March

Congratulations on a wonderful holiday – International Women's Day on March 8! 💐

06 March

For the first time in Kazakhstan, the city of Shchuchinsk hosts the Biathlon World Championship!

01 March

March 1 - Thanksgiving Day

23 February

The international ice running tournament "BURABAY ICE 2023" was held on the territory of the Burabay National Park.