01 July
Composition "Astrological signs" at the “AQBURA” resort

The art composition "Astrological signs" appeared at the under construction resort “AQBURA”.Zodiac in Greek means "animal". The names of the signs are derived from the names of the twelve zodiacal...

22 June
Composition "Ant trail" at the "AQBURA" resort

Often, walking through the forest, we come across ant trails. Red forest ants play an important role in the life of the forest, and especially save from forest pests.Huge wooden ants remind both of...

19 June
Composition "Second life" at the "AQBURA" resort

In this spectacular woodpile, you will not immediately notice a hidden tree. The author-Tolhyn Tabysbek from the "Team of artists" created the composition "Second life" from fallen trees collected...

16 June
"Altybaqan" swing

Altybaqan swing ("Six pillars") is a kazakh national game included in the national list of intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the national commission for UNESCO....

15 June
Small architecture form "Apple" at the "AQBURA" resort

If Steve jobs had visited «AQBURA» resort before he invented Apple, the logo of his brand might have looked different.Let's assume that he walked along the shore of lake Tekekol and ate, for...

11 June
Live Park

On the Burabay resort in 2019 was opened a "Living park" "Ormanshy sabagy". It is located on the Gromatukha river, which connects the Burabay and Big Chebache lakes."Ormanshy sayabagy" is a...

11 June
Small architecture form "Rhinoceros" at the “AQBURA” resort

Why do pine trees die in the forest? There may be several reasons for this, " says Eugene Arkhipov, a scientist at the Burabay national nature park. The tree can dry out from old age, freeze, get...

07 June
Small architecture form "Deer is the oldest inhabitant of forests" at the "AQBURA" resort

Deer appeared in the Burabay forests more than 60 years ago. In 1958, a group of animals were imported from the Azov-Sivash farm, and they gradually adapted to our harsh winters. Of course, not...

05 June
Small architecture form "Keeper of the forest" at the "AQBURA" resort

The Keeper of the forest is a most common character in legends, myths, and fairy tales. It is a sacred protector of forests, wild creatures, and nature.He is the owner of the forest, who closely...

03 June
Composition "Bear by the boat" at the "AQBURA" resort

After the fuss, endless performance of everyday routine tasks, sometimes you want to plunge into the world of complete peace and tranquility. Therefore, to relax from all sorts of worries and...

02 June
Small architecture form "Archer" at the " AQBURA” resort

The beauty, the freedom, the audacity!This stunning sculpture of a warrior girl pulling the string to the limit is considered one of the masterpieces of the “AQBURA” resort.The image of an Archer,...

01 June
Happy children's day!

In celebration of world children's day with the support of akim of Aqmola region, On June 1 The Department of tourism conducted a guided tour of the best tourist destinations in the Burabay resort...

01 June
Burabay resort resumes tourist activities

On June 1, the Burabay resort resumes tourist activities, in a limited mode, there is a mask mode, observing all sanitary standards.There is a single contact center on the territory of the resort,...

13 May
The rock "Pakhomovka"

On the shore of lake Auliekol opposite the Museum of nature is clearly visible rock-tower, named "Pakhomovka" in honor of retired General Pakhomov, who built summer cottages for vacationers in the...

12 May
Burabay resort museums

For lovers of cultural pastime and those who want to get acquainted with the history and features of this corner of Kazakhstan, Burabay offers a visit to museums. This is, of course, the Museum of...

11 May
Maral breeding farm

The state national natural park "Burabay" has been operating a “Maral breeding farm” since 2009. Where the number of deer reaches one hundred and seventy-three heads. The farm provides antlers to...

06 May
Medical services of health and wellness complex "Okzhetpes"

The "Okzhetpes" HWC is located in the heart of the resort area of Burabay, on the Western shore of lake Auliekol (Burabay), at the foot of mount Kokshetau. The main attraction of the resort are...

05 May
Okzhetpes Health and Wellness complex

The health and wellness complex has been in existence for more than 50 years. The main advantage for Okzhetpes HWC is its location in the heart of the pearl of Kazakhstan – Burabay, on the shore of...

04 May
State national natural park “Burabay”

In the North of Kazakhstan, in one of the most beautiful places on our planet, on the territory of the Aqmola region, there is a “State national natural park Burabay", organized in accordance with...

30 April
Medicinal and vitamin plants of Burabay

Medicinal plants of Burabay are describes in 40 species of plants. Many medicinal plants are used only in folk medicine. Some are found in quite large numbers, some only as single specimens. All...

13 October

Tender documentation for the provision of Burabai Damu facilities for rent for 5 years

13 October

Protocol of preliminary discussion of the draft tender documentation for the provision of Burabai Damu facilities for rent for 5 years

25 September

For the first time in the history of Kazakhstan, the exhibition "TOPCARS BURABAI 2023" was held

23 September

As part of the traditional Spartakiad, a togyzkumalak tournament was held among the UDP teams

18 September

Burabai hosted the "Pure Burabai Games" competition.

15 September

Burabai Damu LLP supported the unified republican action "Kieli Tabigat on the territory of sacred objects" which took place on September 15 in the glade of Abylai Khan.

06 September

The festival of KVN BURABAY OPEN 2023 of the league "Zhaydarman" was held in Burabay.

24 August

Map of the location of stationary and mobile public sanitary and hygienic units (latrines) in the Borovskaya resort area.

14 August

A festive concert for the Youth Day was held in Burabai, which was organized by "Burabai Damu".

30 July

The sports race "aqbura bay trail-3" was held in Burabai.