07 October
Gifts of nature in the Burabay resort!

Hippophae is a small shrub or tree with small bluish leaves. The plant is covered with spines, and during fruiting, all branches are covered with orange berries. They tightly cling to the branches,...

27 September
September 27 is a world tourism day!

Dear friends, we congratulate you on the day of tourism!We wish that your eyes always reflect bright impressions, new adventures and unforgettable emotions that will give you still unexplored...

25 September
Golden autumn in the Burabay resort!

Autumn is the most mysterious time of the year, especially in the Burabay resort. It creeps up quietly and unnoticed. Autumn wind blows and a slight coolness envelops the earth, and September...

21 September
Circle of cut logs in the shape of the Sun at the "AQBURA" resort!

The sun is one of the symbols of power. In most cultures, this is the main symbol of creative energy. The sun is often perceived as the supreme deity himself, or as the embodiment of his...

13 September
Tour of the AQBURA resort!

Welcome, friends!There is a daily sightseeing tour of the amazingly beautiful AQBURA resort.After visiting the tour, you will walk along beautiful pedestrian paths, see unusual art compositions...

12 September
Observation tower has opened at the "AQBURA" resort!

For seeing the Burabay mountains from a different angle through binoculars, it is enough to climb the grandiose structure is a 15-meter high observation tower.From here you can enjoy a magnificent...

01 September
Congratulations on the knowledge Day and the beginning of a new school year!

𝟏 September – a holiday is it's close to everyone. For schoolchildren and students, it is filled with expectations of interesting discoveries and impressions, meetings with friends and favorite...

30 August
Happy Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

Dear friends, we sincerely congratulate you on the Constitution Day!Let our main values – Independence, Unity and Stability grow stronger from year to year. Health to you and your loved ones, peace...

23 August
New bike path in Burabay resort

As part of the infrastructure development of the Burabay resort area, walking bicycle and pedestrian paths were built. New bike path in Burabay resort it is 32 km away. It starts from the Rixsos...

21 August
Bench "Boat" at the resort "AQBURA"

Here is an original bench in the shape of a boat at the resort "AQBURA". Masters put it under a birch tree, because in the summer heat you want to hide in the shade. You can also sit, play board...

20 August
Children's TV channel "balapan" in the Burabay resort

Today we have a visit from the children's TV channel "balapan", which continues to please their young viewers with new projects!The project "Tabigat Mektebi" is aimed at introducing children to...

15 August
Hanging swing at the “AQBURA” resort

Swings were often found in the Southern and Eastern Slavic peoples, and very rarely in the Western ones. Leisure with their use of the ancient Slavs attributed to magic.For young people, this...

09 August
Petroglyph "AQBURA"

The petroglyph "AQBURA" is carved on a mountain stone and has the shape of a circle, representing the symbol of life and eternity, which was held in special honor among the nomads of the great...

05 August
Composition “Storks by the river” at the “AQBURA” resort

In ancient writers, you can find mention of the legend that storks feed their parents when they are no longer able to take care of themselves. That is why in painting the stork symbolizes respect...

30 July
Gazebo "Mahabbat" at the resort “AQBURA”

The gazebo "Mahabbat" is one of the symbols of mutual love. An unusually beautiful, romantic "bench of love" is popular with couples in love.It is also called the gazebo of solitude and even the...

26 July
Magic benches at the “AQBURA” resort

Magic benches is not only a shelter from the scorching sun, rain or cold wind, but also a mysterious place that excites the mind with inexplicability. The benches are divided into two parts, like...

22 July
"Wooden ball" at the "AQBURA" resort

We all know about the magic ball of thread that shows to the wanderer the way, and on the territory of the “AQBURA” resort there is a magic wooden ball that helps to untangle conflicting thoughts,...

08 July
Art object "Japyrak" at the resort "AQBURA"

For sure, everyone in their childhood dreamed of hiding from the rain under a leaf, like characters in kindly cartoons. Master Ershat Zholdas tried to make our childhood dream a reality, because...

03 July
Small architecture form "Life" at the "AQBURA" resort

The author called this bench "Life", since its сentral part resembles an embryo in shape.It is especially popular among those who dream of children that a couple should sit on the bench and at the...

02 July
New amusement park has opened in the Burabay resort!

Welcome friends, we are in a hurry to announce the happy news!In the Burabay resort, on the territory of the "Visit-center",a new amusement park has opened!Here you can ride on incredible rides,...

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